Diversity & Accessibility Statements

Diversity Statement

Purpose Pawty delivers an environment of support which allows pet lovers to feel comfortable, connected, and safe. By cultivating an atmosphere of diversity, pet lovers see a place of acceptance and unconditional determination. We strive to enhance diversity through our platform by continuously researching ways to educate our team and develop a community of experts from various ethnicities and backgrounds. Purpose Pawty does not discriminate and respects all persons of any race, creed, orientation, age, or sex. Our employees are required to meet a minimum amount of continued education and community service hours each year to ensure we maintain an environment of persistent growth and diversity. We provide free resources so that our team may meet the minimum for all community service and training requirements. We look to resources such as the United States Office of Personnel’s Management Diversity & Inclusion strategy of 2011, and other standards to guarantee our team is prepared to support our communities in all areas necessary. We are listening! If you would like to give feedback or if you ever have concerns surrounding our diversity policy, please email our diversity team at info@purposepawty.com

Accessibility Statement

Purpose Pawty is a solid foundation to provide pet lovers the opportunity to effectively discuss and learn about the issues surrounding mental health and how pets are factors to helping in most areas. Purpose Pawty’s vision is to see pets all over the world being celebrated in style, all while bringing awareness to the high mental health issues across the nation. Core to that purpose is enhancing accessibility of our resources to those in need. This means improving access to opportunities within all environments and bringing special attention to areas often-times overlooked. We obtain guidance from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, the National Institute of Mental Health, and many other similar resources to provide the best line of care possible. We want to hear from you! If you ever encountered any accessibility issues, or if you would like to send us your feedback on any features you would suggest adding, please email our accessibility team at info@purposepawty.com