Our Founders

Sèna Pierre Narrative Bio | Introducing Sage Pierre

Sèna Pierre is a philanthropic entrepreneur with a heart for helping others. She attended Brooks College in Long Beach, California for retail/ visual merchandising and has more than 17 years of experience in the retail sales and merchandising industry. Sèna’s passion for being a humanitarian has kept her deeply involved in projects that aim to improve today’s youth, her community, and all things pets.

In 2008 and 2009, Sèna experienced two deaths by suicide in her circle. Sèna began to work tirelessly in her community to build a platform to provide resources and hope. In 2013, she became the founder and president of Society of Royals, a nonprofit organization that reduces the number of youth suicides by educating teens in mental health awareness and wellness.

Though Sèna is well-versed in mental health, she battled with depression during the pandemic. It was Sage, a maltipoo, that helped give Sèna the strength to seek the professional help she needed and get her mental health back on track.

To show her appreciation, Sèna celebrates Sage as often as possible but realized there weren’t many options on the market for gift wrapping paper, party supplies, or matching gift sets for pets and pet lovers. It was then that Sèna put her passion for mental health and her love of pets together to form Purpose Pawty.